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We have a strategic plan. It's called doing things.” – Herb Kelleher

We are committed to finding tangible solutions for local/global energy problems through efficiency optimization, eco-materials synthesis, device engineering, prototyping, etc. Some of the leading R&D topics are:

The electrically controlled dynamic change of optical properties found applications in smart windows, non-emissive displays, rearview mirrors for automobiles, etc. New smart materials, novel device structures, robust solid/gel electrolytes & cost-effective substrates etc., are some of the major research interests in this field.

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The reversible conversion of heat energy into electrical energy can be exploited for power generation and solid-state refrigeration. Our expertise lies in developing devices & modules from novel organic, organic-inorganic hybrid materials, materials characterization, and detailed study of their transport properties.

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We develop various device prototypes for optoelectronics, memory applications, sensors, and other multifunctional systems using these chromogenic technologies. We also develop new materials and processing methods for large-area operations.

Transition metal oxides (TMOs) are crucial for their wide-ranging physical and chemical properties. Our research focuses on developing more accessible and low-temperature solution processing methods that elevate the application potential of these materials. We are interested in using the superior transport properties of TMO interlayers to maximize the efficiencies from polymer solar cells.


Our collaborators:

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